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Looking to Grow Your Herd?

When your livelihood is based on cattle, having healthy cattle with genetics is essential. So, make sure you get your feeder cattle and breeding stock from reputable ranches. That's where Mike at Pavel Cattle Company comes in. He'll find the cream of the crop throughout Nebraska and South Dakota to add to your herd, whether it is in the sale barn or privately off the ranch.

Cattle auction markets covered In South Dakota

  • Menno Livestock
  • Stockmans Livestock
  • Fort Pierre Livestock
  • Kimball Livestock
  • Winner Livestock
  • Burke Livestock
  • Mobridge Livestock
  • Hub City Livestock
  • Faith Livestock
  • Philip Livestock
  • Lemon LIvestock
  • Martin Livestock
  • Bellefourche Livestock
  • St. Onge Livestock

Cattle auction markets covered In Nebraska

  • Bassett Livestock
  • Valentine Livestock
  • Creighton Livestock
  • Atkinson Livestock
  • Sheraton Livestock
  • Burwell Livestock

You can count on Mike to help you get a high return on your investment. Call Mike at 605-655-4151 today for more information about our live cattle.

Local raised beef fort pierre sd

Trust Mike to find the right cattle for your herd

With years of experience in the industry, Mike knows exactly what qualities to look for. He'll find cattle that:

  • Are healthy and well-kept
  • Can produce high quality beef
  • Won't cause problems
  • That will perform in the feedlot
  • He'll inspect the cattle to ensure you're making an excellent purchase. Get in touch with him now to learn more about our live cattle.

Get the right cattle for your herd

Here at Pavel Cattle Company, Mike understands that running a farm is a demanding job. You don't always have the time needed to track down new cattle. If it's time to grow your herd, count on Mike for help. We have years of experience finding top-notch cattle for local farms.

Whether you're searching for feeder cattle or breeding stock, he can find what you need.

Find the perfect live cattle to add to your farm

Are you in the market for live cattle for your farm? Mike at Pavel Cattle Company has experience in helping local farmers obtain live cattle that meets all their wants and needs. Our local raised cattle are treated humanely and ethically to ensure that you're getting well-behaved animals that will be valuable assets to your herd. Among our options are heifers and weaned calves, whose nutritional needs will decline as they age.

Keep your herd healthy and robust. Call today to buy cattle in Yankton, Lesterville, Fort Pierre or Sioux Falls, SD.